Vision and Values

“Only benevolence attracts people; however if one is benevolent but not trustworthy, then on the contrary he will vanquish himself. Treat men as men, be upright with the upright, employ appropriate language and use fire only when it should be used.”

The methods of Ssu-ma


FORS is not just an allusion or a metaphor for Fors Fortuna : derived from Fors- the goddess of providence and Fortuna- the ancient goddess of prosperity, divine blessings and fortune.

FORS is first and foremost the acronym of our goals –Foresight, Outreach, Respect and Strength.

“Audaces fortuna Iuvat”! We want to give you the power to succeed!


We rely on knowledge, experience, reliable data and methodology to achieve Foresight into the complexity of the global environment and the future global developments-political, economic, financial, socio-cultural and give you an objective, precise and timely picture that would serve best your strategic goals.


We make sure that our services give you the capacity to stay ahead of your competitors, achieve a high level of credibility trough cooperation, excel in your cross-border operations and achieve Outreach.


We want to provide the insights and analysis that would give you an adaptive strategic approach and we put emphasis on providing the information to understand not only your external business environment but above all your potential new partners, the culture and mind-set of your customers and finally gain their Respect.


Knowledge and information give you power, cooperation opens for you the doors to respect and the cumulative effect of these crucial elements in your strategy will guarantee you strength-externally and at internal organizational level.

We believe that armed with foresight, outreach, respect and strength you will be able to achieve your strategic goals and at the same time make a positive contribution on a global scale.


The underlying rational principle that guides the members of our team is the conviction that truth has only one face, whether we see it or not does not depend on the angles we look from but on our readiness, willingness and strength to look the truth in the eyes. The key to growth, development and to the capacity to apprehend the truth is knowledge. On the path of knowledge finally being humane is all that is important. We derive our values from this philosophy and commit to:


We strive to be true to our principles as human beings and follow the highest moral standards. We commit to work with you for your success following the same approach.


We believe that trust is at the core of success in any form of interaction, relationship and that moral integrity is the only way to achieve it. We commit to provide consulting services that are objective, accurate, precise and reliable. We commit to strict confidentiality.


We believe in the intrinsic positive value cooperation brings in every aspect of our lives. We think that cooperation offers an adaptive mechanism and a winning position in the framework of a rewards-based business environment as it significantly reduces risk as well as strategic management and investment management transaction costs. We are committed to work with you for you.


We believe that in everything we do the underlying rationale should be that we are committed to grow as human beings. We apply the same approach in working with you towards the achievement of your business goals. We are committed to the growth of your business and believe that this would bring a positive contribution on a larger scale.