Services designed for business clients

FDI Strategic Analysis

We are committed to work with you throughout the different stages of the strategic management and investment strategies by helping you identify challenges and opportunities and select foreign markets, FDI sites, FDI strategies that would serve best the long-term success and growth of your business.

We will provide reliable and accurate information, insight and analysis crucial for the formulation and implementation of your strategies.  We understand that for you as an investor risk is not a country or region-specific characteristic but is inherent to the specifics of your cross-border operations. Our goal is to identify the specific company vulnerabilities, the sources of risk to which your organization, investment project or business development strategy are exposed as well as work with you to build risk management strategies.

We are committed to give you the best advice and guidance for structuring strategic alliances in a global market that would guarantee you longterm strategic success.

Country and Political Risk Assessment and Analysis

We offer Assessment and Analysis that is specifically customized to guarantee the success of your foreign investment strategy and is directed towards finding the best strategic solutions to your business development goals.

We understand that effective political risk management is crucial to the success of your FDI and we provide expert analysis of the various components of Country and Political Risk: Political Risk, Economic Risk, Financial Risk, and Socio-Cultural Risk.

We tailor our product according to your investment project needs. We design our Country and Political Risk Assessment and Analysis in a way to give you a complete, objective and reliable picture of the external environment and the socio-political climate of your investment operations.

As we work with you throughout the process our products will answer your questions whether you are at the pre-market entry planning, at the pre-investment stage or you already have an established business that needs strategic restructuring and optimization. We offer project specific political risk analysis as well as an extensive country and political risk analysis in order to provide a complete picture of your actual or operational environment.

Cultural Advising

We know that in a globalized world information per se is not secret. Intentions are and they are more often in the realm of culture –cultural mindsets and frameworks. We know that for the success of your investment operations you need to acquire cultural understanding and develop cultural sensitivity to achieve your strategic goals in a globalized world. Cultural advising will give you the framework you could use to navigate through the complexity of different cultures, national mind-sets, perceptions and expectations. Armed with information and knowledge you would manage cultural diversity related risk in your external as well as internal environment.