Services designed for government entities and policymakers

We are independent from any government or private funding and we are not politically affiliated. We will give you the information, assessment and analysis that you need without any agency related biases, the influence of political parties’ agendas or the desire to be politically correct. We are committed to be objective and contribute to your success with unbiased and fair judgments. Our goal is to give you the tools to develop adaptive strategies in international affairs, bilateral relations, negotiations and any other form of diplomatic activity.

Current Political Analysis, Economic & Financial Analysis

We offer current political, economic and financial analysis that is country-specific, regional or subject specific based on your information needs and information requirements. We customize our analysis on a geographical or functional principle and rely on knowledge, specific expertise, facts and direct information. We understand the difference between information and estimative judgment and their influence on policy formulation and policymaking.

Open Source Assessment and Analysis

We offer timely, unbiased and accurate open sources analysis of the mass of information available in the public domain in a targeted subject or of a targeted media. We use facts and direct information and believe that a considerable part of the information necessary in any decision-making process is openly accessible.

Estimative Analysis

We believe that in a complex globalized world estimative analysis should take into account the development of the global systems as a whole as well as the influence of an eventual change occurring in one of its composing elements. This is the reason why we offer estimative analysis that provides forecast and possible scenarios for development at political, economic, socio-cultural level of the global system or its structural elements.