Governance, Intelligence Analysis & Complexity

Governance, Intelligence Analysis & Complexity

FORS Smart Power LLC portfolio project “Governance, Intelligence Analysis and Complexity” is developed to be the point of fusion designed for processing and modeling the assessment and analysis of the other elements of our portfolio.

In the context of a multi-dimensional complex environment our goal is to expand the focus of the traditional risk analysis and combine it with the approach of intelligence analysis. Our goal is to look beyond the obvious; assess and analyze the various levels relevant to your operations: tactical, operational, strategic in order to provide you with the optimal policy formulation for the success of your mission. We focus on but we do not limit our work with the following elements:

  • Determine and assess your competitors
  • Evaluate your competitors/adversaries
  • Define your operational environment
  • Monitor the evolution of your operational environment at various levels
  • Identify critical vulnerabilities/risks/threats
  • Assess governance at internal organizational level, external institutional and global level
  • Assess the feasibility of various strategies
  • Develop and design a model for risk management
Our goal is to transform information into knowledge and understanding, to go from finding the answers to the questions: “What?” and “Why?”, to developing a strategy and supporting every stage of your decision cycle by answering the question “How?”.

We incorporate in our methodology the non-linear approach of complexity science which is particularly relevant in turbulent and uncertain times of accelerated globalization. We look at the global environment where your organization functions notwithstanding the scale of your operations from the perspective that this is a complex system with non-linear dynamics which exhibits multi-scale structural and dynamical patterns of behavior.

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