Global Strategic Analysis and Governance (Geographical and Functional)

Global Strategic Analysis and Governance

The “Global Strategic Analysis and Governance” portfolio project focuses on the importance of the inter-dependence and interconnectedness between the elements/variables of the strategic risk and the analytical framework of the various levels of governance.

FORS Smart Power LLC Global Strategic Analysis focuses on specific characteristics of the global environment that have, or could have, a significant impact on your strategy:

  • Geopolitical assessment and analysis (national/international/regional)
  • Current state of international affairs and projected developments
  • International/Regional conflicts, disputes, tensions, threats
  • International organizations –role/ influence/ impact
  • Bi-lateral and multi-lateral relations

We assess the process of governance at different levels (business process governance, corporate governance, national, global governance) and look at:

  • Actors participating in the governance process
  • Norms regulating the governance environment
  • Governance-related practices, problems
  • Intersection of various levels of governance-corporate, local, national and international

Our goal is to give you an accurate image of the context in which you would be conducting your operations and the factors that have the biggest and often hidden influence on their success. We look at the nodal points of intersection between global environment and governance as a tool for sustainable development. For more information and to schedule a meeting please contact us.

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