Foresight… or how to mitigate the risk within ourselves

Foresight… or how to mitigate the risk within ourselves

Foresight… or how to mitigate the risk within ourselves

If you are reading this blog post you most probably already know what is going on in the world, what the state of global affairs is, so we will not focus on the global outlook because this is not where we will be looking for the answers. Oh wait, so you have questions… we almost forgot that you might have questions… but you probably do if you are on our website… So why while being in the strategic analysis consulting business do we think that the discovery of the Higgs boson is important news (we should point out that that the complete results of the analysis would be available by the end of July)? Is this because we are a “boutique” consulting company and by virtue of associative thinking we turn our attention to “small” particles?

Actually the reason why we consider the news about the discovery of the Higgs boson important is because it shows the capacity of the human mind to deconstruct reality in the quest for answers. This is the proof that intellectual curiosity is at the core of human development. It is finally an illustration of what we call Foresight-the ability and the willingness to look into the future and to question our grasp of reality in order to find the truth.

Another reason why we wanted to share the news with you was because of the debate it has created-in the scientific field, in the realm of religion or long story short, because of the process of questioning that has started-questioning of system beliefs about the universe and about us as human beings.

We think that the inability to question is what we call “the risk within ourselves”… the first one that you have to be able to mitigate before you build you strategy for global expansion,and by the way when we say global we also do think that compared to the universe of an individual or let’s say to the “self” everything that surrounds it is global. We want to give you the tools to answer to these questions and achieve foresight but the core is the willingness to question. Because even if we would love to, we could not offer you “The Universe in a nutshell” the way Stephen Hawking was able to…if someone can do this for you please let us know… we also have questions… actually we never stop questioning… everything and everyone…By the way Stephen Hawking questioned the possibility of discovering the Higgs boson… and so will the scientists that made the discovery… knowledge is a never ending journey… we promise to make your journey successful!

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