About us

We believe in the power of Knowledge, Diversity, Intuition and Adaptability.

The power of being global

FORS Smart Power, LLC is a network of challenge driven, success-motivated, multilingual professionals committed to provide the best strategic consulting services to guarantee the success of your business development goals and business strategy.

In times of global transformation and challenging global environment that require complex innovative approaches we offer strategic analysis expertise, in-depth regional and country expertise, linguistic skills, integrity and strive for excellence.

We have experience not just traveling or visiting for work a certain country or region, but above all we have a background living, working and studying in different countries throughout the world. We offer our services in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Diversity as value added

We come from various backgrounds including intelligence, defense industry, international affairs, diplomacy, corporate business, language consultancy. The diversity of our team is a value added for the advancement of the mission and vision of your organization.

We have a deep understanding of the host environment-country-specific or regional and can guide you in details through the different levels of strategic management.

Whether you are a small business owner, a corporation with global outreach, a government entity or a policymaker our mission is to work with you to find the answers to your questions, to provide the necessary information and analysis, to develop strategic management solutions and guarantee the successful achievement of your strategic goals. We customize our services based on the specifics of your project in order to develop specific solutions and strategies for your business.